Why alcohol is not good for your pregnancy?

Many people must have suggested you not to drink alcohol during pregnancy and to be very frank they are not wrong. Alcohol is not even good for healthy and in case of pregnancy you care carrying a a child inside you which get affected by all the abuse that you do to your body. However people have their own perception and society is divided into two pieces related to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Some even would suggest you drinking once a while is not harmful and some would say half a glass or may be a glass is OK. But whatever the amount of alcohol going inside will definitely going to harm your baby in many ways. If you know about PH level then you must understand why this drink is so harmful for all of us. Most of the diseases in fact 95% of them are caused due to increase level of acid in the body. And alcohol is one of the drink which has high level of acid and cause many disease may be not to you directly but certainly to your baby.

Increasing risk factors due to consumption of alcohol

1. Chances are that you would have a premature baby and the babies who born early usually are weak and has low immunity power. Due to this most the time you would find they are ill.

2. If your consumption is too much you might have miscarriage. And impact of alcohol have different impact on everyone.

3. High level of acid can also cause hyperactivity disorder to your child an it has been seen those who had bad history of drinking alcohol have high risk of hyperactive.

4. Child may be born with FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) which directly affects the brain and intelligence of a child.

What are the substitutes we have for alcohol

In exact words you won’t find the exact substitutes because other drinks don’t work like alcohol but if you are pregnant you have to look something which could be better for you and your baby.

1. Your morning should start with a huge glass of fresh coconut water one hour before your breakfast

2. In break fast you should include fruit juices it can be any but ensure should not be packaged one.

3. In afternoon you should drink a glass of butter milk and you can add sugar salt which ever you like. But this one is also same if you have churn in home that would be more beneficial. Packaged one has less lactobacillus which is really good for digestion system.

4. And in the evening you should end your day with a glass of lukewarm milk with full of cream. Never afraid of eating good fats when you are pregnant it is really good for you and your baby. You usually need 4 times more fat during your pregnancy

These are all my suggestion to those who want to give birth to a healthy child. You can also add more nutritional foods in your daily diet. Avoid foods that can harm your baby and make routine of daily exercise. If you follow the correct path during your pregnancy you would have high chances of delivery a healthy baby.



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