What are the Causes of chest congestion in Babies ?

Chest congestion is very normal and almost every person gets when weather changes but in babies it can happen other time too. And the primary reason because baby immunity is very weak and they are more prone to suffer from chest congestion. And this could be more serious problem to those who are born with weak respiratory system. They catch cold 5 times faster than the normal child in fact I have seen some of the cases where baby is suffering from cold more than 15 days in a month. My girl who is currently 12 years old was also born with weak respiratory system and in the winter season i have to use nebulizer almost every alternate days. Some times her chest is so congested that i can easily hear the sound that she is really in pain.

And everyone would say in this case we must see the doctor. But if you know the causes of chest congestion you can also try some home remedies to cure chest congestion in babies. Now lets discuss what are the primary and common causes of chest congestion.

Primary causes of chest congestion in babies

1. Weather

This is one of the common reason of chest congestion in babies. During weather changes body need time to adjust the temperature but due to weak immunity baby catches cold and cough which lead to chest congestion. So it very important for you to protect your baby during the cold season. Anything cold  comes in contact of your baby whether it is a food, air, water or any else would have a same result.

2. Breastfeeding Mother

If you are breast feeding mother you must be aware that what ever you are eating same is eaten by your baby. So if you have eaten something cold chances are very high of catching cold and if you have eaten something hot then it could lead to lose motion. So eat only what is good for your baby not what you love to eat. And this you have to follow till your breastfeeding not after that.

3. Dust particles

Mucus is present in respiratory system and this to protect our body from any harmful particles that goes inside our mouth. But when the amount of dust particles are too high then we clean this through blowing our nose. But this activity is impossible for your baby  and in such cases chest congest is very common. So avoid places where which are highly polluted. And this protection we only need for first two years of the baby after that immune system gets strong.

There are many other reasons as well but we have covered only which are common and can be cured with home remedies. But again if the situation of your baby is critical you should not wait and immediately see the doctor. Since baby can’t convey the actual problem so it is better if it is lead by the doctor

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