At what age you should plan your pregnancy?

Answering this question is quite difficult because now days pregnancy is not about only delivering the baby. You have to look other aspects such as are you financially, physically and mentally strong enough to take the responsibility of your new born baby? there is no right age but you need keep in mind the fertility of a woman decreases with age. So if you are planning after 40 you might have to face the problem. But it does not mean there is no other solution. Now days woman are delivering babies even after 60 years of age through in vitro fertilization .

Women are more fertile in between 20 to 30 after that production of eggs start decreasing and in 40 years most of the women does not produce any fertility eggs. But if we look all the factors 20 to 25 seems a quite early age for anyone. If you are planning to get financially independent then most probably 30 to 35 would be perfect age for your pregnancy

What are the factors we need to look before planning a pregnancy?

1. You must be financially independent so that you can provide better life to your baby. And this matter a lot especially when you are single mom.

2. You should be physically and mentally prepared for the pregnancy.

3. Plan your pregnancy within fertility age and the best is between 25 to 35.

4. Try not to plan pregnancy before 25 because this is not good for mother as well as child. I think you should be mature enough to start a new phase of your life

5. If you want deliver a healthy baby make sure that you should be healthy first. Only then you can make plans for a healthy baby

Pregnancy planning is one of the crucial step of women life that it should be done with proper planning so that both of you can live happy. However in many cases these suggestion won’t make much difference because it is personal decision which may vary from person to person or some time depending upon various other factors.

Prepare yourself for these complications

You should be aware what are the complications you may phase during the pregnancy. So that you can prepare for it. Usually women don’t discuss about this but I think we all should be aware.

1. Possibility of increasing in white discharge which is also known as leucorrhea.

2. Constipation is very common and frequent.

3. You may experience pain Hemorrhoids which is worse than constipation.

4. Any kind of pressure on your urinary bladder can lead you to wet your pants. And usually this happens when you cough, sneeze, laugh and exercise.

5. You may also experience post baby belly which takes lot time back in shape. But in my case i failed to recover from this because I didn’t try anything.

6. Heartburn and bleeding gums are also the common symptoms which you will find during this period.


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